function room

function room


While Mount Sea Resort has been a Cavite institution for all kinds of fun, the place also makes for a perfect venue to boost the business-minded and career-focused Filipino. With its spacious, multi-functional banquet hall ready to serve current and future industrial savants, why hold your one or two-day functions at a cramped and polluted Metro Manila when you can do it right smack in the middle of paradise?


function room with 3 people standing


If you’re looking for a perfect place to huddle your team, learn more about exciting industry developments and business trends or want to establish a connection and expand your career network, Mount Sea Resort is THE place. While hotel-based training venues are still the go in the Metro’s business district, prices have soared, forcing organizers to cramp up a tight schedule so as not to go overboard budget-wise. Nowadays, businesses have to make sure that they are sending their employees to the right learning facilities.


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Mount Sea Resort, on the other hand, provides a “win-win” situation, providing you adequate facilities for your business event, as well as a hotel/resort-like feel and topnotch service, all at a very affordable price. While at the resort, organizers and guests can avail of MSR’s outstanding accommodation, making a two or three-day training program a productive, proactive and pleasurable experience.


hotel lobby with chairs


With the city’s major airports a stones throw away, holding your major business or industry event at Mount Sea Resort can be key for employees and trainees from across the Philippines, who can come and learn the most innovative trends of the trade whilst staying away from the dreaded Manila traffic. Planning on inviting a foreign guest speaker? Mount Sea Resort will have the pleasure to have your industry VIP.


green landscape with trees and pool


At the end of the day, nothing beats excellent service, complete facilities, comfortable amenities and an ambiance like no other. Mount Sea Resort does not only provide a haven for young professionals to get away from it all. It is, especially nowadays, a paradise that will put your business and career goals up into a whole new gear.



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Mount Sea Resort may not be the most popular summer resort at the moment, but its loyal patrons attest to its luxurious look and feel. But more than that, Mount Sea Resort is well-known for its mission to have all the activities and amenities that resonates to the word FUN. And when they say “all”, Mount Sea Resort definitely has everything you need and more for an exciting weekend!

Of course, Mount Sea Resort can’t be a “resort” without its breathtaking seaside view, as well as its swimming pools. With Mount Sea Resort’s picturesque waterfront pool as well as the Hotel’s luxurious Fiesta de Amor pool, you can take a dip and cool out all day.


pool with many slides


If you’re interested in another type of “pool”, Mount Sea Resort has that covered as well. The game room awaits your arrival, with a Pool Table as well as an Air Hockey machine for maximum excitement that will definitely kill all levels of summer stress and boredom. If belting out pop tunes is your thing, the resort’s Videoke machine – a classic Pinoy summer must-have – has all the hits!


karaoke room with friends


rope obstacle course


If you’re looking to break a sweat on your weekend getaway, Mount Sea Resort’s Volleyball and Basketball courts are ready to host your inter-family, inter-office or inter-barkada tournaments! Oh, and don’t forget to catch a thrilling Zipline ride – another unique feature at the resort.

For those who prefer brain exercise, on the other hand, Mount Sea Resort has the perfect set of fun and interactive games just for you with their boardgame lineup of Uno Stack-o, Chess, Scrabble, Dictionary Man, Skrib-age as well as the classic deck of cards, which is available for all hotel guests.


billiards with 3 people

girls playing manual table soccer


Coming in with your workmates? Mount Sea Resort should be a perfect fit for any and all types of teambuilding activities. Its conference facility is perfect for inspirational talks and interaction, while the outdoor obstacle course – a feature that you won’t find at any other resort this summer – takes your office-bonding experience to another level!


tires obstacle course


2 kids walking


Looking for a place to hold your most important life event? With all the popular venues in Manila fully-booked for the season, you may want to check out Mount Sea Resort’s banquet hall. With complete facilities and a very accommodating staff, you and your guests are in for a very memorable seaside experience for whatever reason it may be.



seafoods in a circular basket


Many things have changed through the years at Mount Sea Resort, but the one thing that was constant after going through so many changes is their top-quality food fare. While it does not have the fanciest buffet spread or the most diverse menu, its humble but filling international cuisine is, as said by most of its guests in the past, A-grade. And now that Mount Sea Resort has completed their much-needed face-lift, this summer is the perfect time to get a taste of its locally-known brand of dining.


6 shrimps on a plate


strawberry smoothi


If you’re looking for a continental food experience, then The Dining Room is the place to be. Bringing in Filipino, Chinese as well as other international favorites, have a seat at one of the tables in this ultra-modern restaurant and have an amazing breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whether you’re into Japanese (Tempura, Teriyaki, Gyudon), Chinese (Yang Chow Fried Rice, Pancit Canton, Sweet and Sour Fish) or Filipino food (its famous Kare-Kare and Seafood Bilao), The Dining Room at Mount Sea Resort has the dishes for all tastebuds.


pasta with seafoods


chicharon bulaklak with vinegar dip


If poolside grubbing is your thing, then have your afternoon or evening meal at The Veranda/Fiesta Del Amor, where food is grilled fresh from the pit right to your plate as you take in the summer sights and sounds. The Veranda/Fiesta Del Amor is also the perfect spot for your pre or post-dining pica-pica that will definitely go perfectly with your refreshing drink of choice.


crispy pata with a glass of beer


sisig with egg on a sizzling plate


For Hotel guests who would like to start their day bright and early, all guests are entitled to a free breakfast for two, so you and your companion will have enough energy to soak up all kinds of summer fun at Mount Sea Resort.

With Mount Sea Resort’s in-house dining experience, you can get a taste of the world’s best without the expense of wasting every minute of fun.



hotel lobby


Mount Sea Resort has been a popular hangout spot for locals in and around the Cavite area, as they were known for its great pools and great location for an affordable price and flexible rent fees. So basically, whether you look to stay overnight or just to hang around all day, there is a spot for you at Mount Sea Resort.


poolside with slide


But if you ask me, I would take the golden chance and book my entire weekend at Mount Sea Resort to get a full experience of its luxurious, and not to mention, brand new look of the Hotel. Yes, other resorts have air-conditioned rooms within its respective areas, but not all have its own hotels, not to mention a business class-level one much like Mount Sea Resort’s. A focal point of their most recent renovation project, Mount Sea Resort’s Hotel, now with a well-lighted and more pleasing-to-the-eyes interior look, is definitely a winner.


friends singing in a karaoke room


function room


Whether you are getting a DELUXE (lower tier), PRESTIGE (mid-tier) or EXECUTIVE (top-tier) room, you’re getting the most bang for your buck than anywhere else as all rooms have free wifi, clean and comfortable beds, cable TV, room service options, free breakfast and complete access to the resort. But while you will never go wrong with a DELUXE or PRESTIGE room, I suggest that you cash in on an EXECUTIVE suite. Not only do you get all the aforementioned amenities, you will also get additional features such as a mini-bar, complimentary drinks, a sprawling view of the Fiesta Del Amor swimming pool, and free access to the Hotel’s VIP lounge. Needless to say, the EXECUTIVE suite at Mount Sea Resort is “Business Class” done right!




twin bedroom


Mount Sea Resort promises a luxurious weekend, regardless of your budget. And with hotel rates not exceeding the dreaded PHP 5,000.00 mark, Mount Sea Resort’s Hotel proves that Staycations do not have to punch holes in your pocket!



warm welcome of 2 company staff


Mount Sea Resort may not claim the Five Star Hotel/Resort tag. Its name might not even ring a bell to you, as it has been more of an obscure choice for business travelers and South-based yuppies that are looking for a budget-friendly getaway. But the way it has turned itself into, Mount Sea Resort will definitely be on the radars of more people in the Metro for years to come.


Budget-wise, it has to be one of the better quality resorts out there. Whether you are staying the night or just hanging out for the entire day, its affordable cabana and hotel rates are extremely pocket-friendly, without sacrificing quality and comfort. With its many outdoor facilities, you will never run out of fun activities to play during your weekend stay. For a romantic meal, its restaurants have to be one of the best in the area in terms of taste, quality and, of course price.


green landscape with trees and pool


brown chairs and tables dimmed lights


Business travelers will definitely get a more holistic experience staying at Mount Sea Resort than at any of the top business hotels, especially in Metro Manila. Without the traffic and chaos of the big city, guests from all over the country, as well as internationally, will be able to spend their downtimes with a quiet, relaxing view, with great food and excellent service provided by its courteous staff.


3 resort staffs in a meeting room


Overall, Mount Sea Resort perfectly defines your modern Staycation getaway: perfect pricepoints, luxurious and comfortable look in a rather obscure location. Frequent patrons call it their “home away from home”, but why wait for the hype if you can enjoy a quiet, relaxing weekend and build the hype yourself?